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JOY Club Information

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Dear Families,


What happens at JOY Club?

What happens at JOY Club? - JOY Club includes many activities similar to Vacation Bible School including Bible stories, music, games, and crafts. (Also, lunch)

When does JOY Club meet?  

JOY Club at the 1st Baptist Church in Rowley meets the first Friday of every month on Pine Grove School Staff Development Days.  An extra JOY Club will be held in December and March (Fridays) on Parent/Teacher Conference Days.

Who can attend JOY Club?

JOY Club is for children in Grades K to 6.

What about transportation to JOY Club? 

JOY Club leaders  will meet the children at PGS’s front door at dismissal time  and walk with them to the church.  On rainy days or severe cold days, transportation will be provided.  Or, if you prefer, you may transport your child to the church.


How do I sign up my child for JOY Club? Click on the JOY Club registration form link above (you will be forwarded to the website) and fill out the registration form that is provided, one form for each child attending. 


Other important information

•    You will need to send your child’s teacher a note each time we meet letting them know that your child is meeting Joy Club Leaders to walk  to the church.  Please request that your child be dismissed with the walkers to meet us by the front doors.  
•    Also, please send an email to Aleta Budd, or a text, 978-815-9200,  no later than the night before JOY Club, letting us know whether or not your child will be joining us.  (If possible, it is helpful if we know by Wednesday prior to JOY Club.  This will help us with food preparation.} We will take attendance before leaving the school, so need to know who is planning to attend.  We realize that it may not work for your child to attend every meeting.  They are welcome to attend whenever it fits In with your schedule.  
•    JOY Club is sponsored by our church so there is no cost for club members. This year children will be dismissed at 11:40 on 1/2 days.  JOY Club leaders and church members will provide lunch for the children when we arrive at the church.  We will let you know ahead of time what our menu will be, so that your child can bring lunch from home, if you prefer.

Thank you and may God bless you and your family,

Joy Club Leaders (Aleta Budd, Sandy Jackson, Pastor Ed and Laurie Smith)


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